Securenet Solutions

with a team of experts and professionals, Securenet Solutions is a leading Israeli consulting and integration security solutions provider for Data Security and Cyber technologies and solutions.
Securenet Solutions provides advanced, innovative solutions that address the entire range of enterprise information security needs, starting with consulting, going through survey and planning to implementation of information security systems and cyber services
Securenet was founded in 1999 and have about 40 expert professionals. Securenet activity was merged into Aman group, now as Securenet Solutions, leading the Cyber security services builds on extensive technical knowledge and skills of employees, along with other data security solutions such as Securing Data in-rest and at-move, planning and establishing Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and other complex security solutions for the Israeli market.

Our solutions, commencing from the characterization stage, through implementation and integration in organizational procedures, cover a wide and comprehensive list of data security issues, including:
  • Organizational services access control
  • Strong identification for organizational users
  • Mechanisms for transferring sensitive data within and outside the organization
  • Security for smartphones and tablets
  • Content screening systems
  • Mail screening and encoding systems
  • Data leakage prevention and classification systems
  • Organizational IPS and Firewall solutions
  • Organizational Antivirus and Sandbox systems
  • SCADA protection and control systems
  • Installation management and end station security systems
  • SIEM systems
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems
  • Data security consulting and support on all levels
  • Development of code and writing procedures for various platforms such as Microsoft, CyberArk, Citrix, PKI and more.
  • Intra-organizational cyber systems
  • Cyber solutions integrating cyber intelligence services

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