• Privileged Account Security

    Manage and administer sensitive users and other privileged accounts in the organization and allow monitored and isolated secure sessions for external and internal users. Manage password lifecycle for users, application accounts, iis and more.

  • Managed File Transfer

    Allow organizations to reliably and efficiently exchange sensitive data between systems and people in a secure way while meeting all of the organization’s compliance requirements.

  • Secure Email

    Protect your email accounts, users and data, and keep them safe against unauthorized access and any potential loss or compromise.

  • PKI & Digital Signature

    Facilitate secure electronic communication and data exchange between people and systems with authentication technologies that allow you to encrypt and sign data.

  • Automated Log Analycis & Monitoring

    Reduce the frequency and severity of cyber attacks, promote early response to threats and help your organization meet compliance requirements for cyber security using state of the art machine learning and AI modules.

  • Data Sanitation

    Adopt data sanitization and content disarming solutions that will give you the ability to prevent harmful files from entering your organization and compromising its users, servers and data.

  • IT Operation Manager (itom)

    Simplify your IT transformations, improve your digital operations and manage different elements of your company’s infrastructure and services ensuring that all services and applications are safe and ready to use.

  • Secure Remote Access

    Prevent unauthorized access to company resources by securing the remote access protocol. Ensure that the accounts and devices used to connect remotely and your company’s data are safe from threat.



IT Operations Management (ITOM) is the best way to simplify your IT transformations.
The success of your business relies heavily on your team’s ability to run and transform IT at the same time, but this is often very difficult to achieve, and many businesses experience more problems than competitive advantage due to the complexities.
The time has come to cut through the IT complexity that’s holding your digital transformation back.
With Micro Focus enterprise-ready ITOM solutions, which are unified by the OPTIC automation platform, you can start right now.
No matter what your path to transformation is, Micro Focus has the experience, scale and flexibility to address your unique needs.
Let’s talk about how we can work alongside your team to successfully cut complexity, build agility, and grow value, so you can participate fully in digital business success.


Application Delivery Management is learning how to accelerate your application delivery at high speed and with low risk. It’s critical nowadays for businesses to learn how to align their strategy and execution to attain business agility, which can be achieved by streamlining your software factory to deliver better value in a faster and safer way.
With Micro Focus, you can bridge the gap between strategic goals and the day to day management of work, and with the increased visibility and alignment, you will have the insights to support an outcome-driven approach to software development. When you are ready to map out the route that takes to success, we map our solutions to your challenges based on a trusted and proven approach.


  • Kiteworks

    One platform to unify, track, control, and secure sensitive content moving within, into, and out of your organization and providing the peace of mind that your confidential files remain confidential.

  • CyberArk

    As the established leader in privileged access management, this identity security platform will record, audit and protect user activity within your web applications, and secure both human and machine identities from end-to-end.


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