We are securenet

We provide state of the art services with the latest cutting edge cyber security technologies, so your crucial and sensitive data remains protected

Securenet is a leading provider of information and cyber security solutions for businesses. We specialize in the design and integration of complex solutions for large systems, and have vast experience in consulting, project management, implementation and support in the world of information security and cyber security.

Our extensive knowledge and experience, together with our drive to provide the most innovative solutions and services for our customers, have helped us build our solid reputation and stand out as leaders of the industry. Our goal is to lead your business to success by providing solutions that are custom-made for your specific needs.


Our vision is to become the market leaders of the industry, and to provide cutting edge information and cyber security solutions for our partners based on our professional and comprehensive analysis of the network components and applications in your organization. We strive to continue to find the most innovative ways to lead our clients to success, and custom create the perfect solutions for each and every business according to their individual specifications. Our goal is to continue to keep our customers’ needs at the very core of our business, and to constantly aspire to provide them with a premium service, both in terms of the solutions we provide as well as the support that they receive from us.



    We are more than a provider of state of the art products and solutions for businesses. Providing excellent service to our clients is part of our business culture, which means that we are always working hard to ensure that our clients enjoy the most professional, efficient, quick and courteous service. Our goal is to lead your business to success by providing solutions that are custom-made for you, and our professional team will be there to support you every step of the way from the characterization stage though implementation and integration.


    Part of our DNA is knowing the products we distribute better than anyone else.
    Our success has been built on our ability to bring our experience and knowledge to leading organizations and provide the best solutions on the market. With our extensive understanding and technical knowledge of what businesses need to cover a variety of data security issues, we are able to help you succeed and find the right the solutions for your business too.


    Our products are loved and trusted by some top and prestigious businesses for successfully providing complex security solutions within their organizations. Close cooperation with leading companies provide us access to the most advanced and innovative technologies on the market. Our trusted reputation has been built over many years due to the vast experience and knowledge that we have of the industry, and we are always striving to become better and more innovative to keep up with the changing demands of the technological world today.